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Randstadt animation videos


Randstadt animation videos

Working with Randstadt – Spain was truly a collaborative process. It took our storytelling expertise and their domain-specific knowledge working in tandem to figure out the best way to explain what they do.

We wanted to craft videos that presented their work and insights in an engaging way – while still showing that the team at Randstadt knows their stuff.

The videos were expected to be a quick and easy explanation assisting users to clearly understand a three concepts. Combining the clear and concise language with appealing visuals, we created an animated explainer video that helped the company improve their communications with its customers. We followed these steps:

· the research stage — the target audience and market research is an essential stage of the creative process.

· pre-production stage — scriptwriting and storyboarding

· production stage — creating graphics and animation

· post-production stage — video editing and adding sound.







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  • Date

    March 26, 2017

  • Skills

    JQuery, Sass

  • Client

    Colabrio Team

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